Back in the studio

It's utter bliss to be back painting again after the Easter holidays and I now have 6 weeks to work on the paintings I'm intending to submit to the RMSA before half-term!  I try and get 7 hours of painting into the weekdays (five whilst the children are at school and a couple in the evening), and then just a couple of hours each day at the weekends when the children have gone to bed. 


This is the one I'll be working on over the next couple of weeks.



It's of the Tatterstall Castle from Hungerford Bridge.

Will update this blog with it's progress


Hannah x

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SEA Workshop

Just back from an SEA workshop in Dudley painting horses from life (not at all easy!).  Although the weather wasn't great had a brilliant time with a lovely bunch of friends.

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Master Sketch - Michelangelo, Study for Adam

Finished this one off this evening.  Have really enjoyed doing all the muscles - wish I had a model this well defined!



Really love drawing but am looking forward to getting back to the painting when the children go back to school.  I miss the smell of the oils and turps!


Have just started reading a brilliant book called Quiet. All about introverts and how they are preceived in a world that celebrates extroverts.  Makes really interesting reading. 


Anyway, time for some wine!


Hannah x





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I hate name labels!

Didn't get any drawing done last night after all!  Had forgotten that it's the Summer term coming up and Gemma's summer uniform needs name tapes sewing on.  It took me three hours to sew labels into two cardigans and two pairs of socks! 

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Master Sketch 2

Had another few hours of tennis camp this afternoon so started another Master Sketch.  Will continue working on this one tonight and tomorrow.



I'm inspired by the amazing drawing of a guy called Robert Liberace.  You should check him out!


Hannah x

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Master Sketch

The children had tennis camp this afternoon for a couple of hours so managed to get a quick Master sketch done.  It's of Michelangelo's Study for Battle of Casina, 1504.



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On my Easel

Have decided to focus my attention this year on three major exhibitions and Gallery paintings.  The first up will be the Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA).


I'm planning on a couple of London paintings and probably a couple of boats down at Porlock Weir.  This painting will be of the PS Tattershall Castle from Hungerford Bridge.  I've spent a couple of hours blocking in the main shapes and trying to get my values accurate before I'll start work on any detail.  It will remain dormant for the next few weeks with the children off school but it will give it a chance to dry!


Following my year working with Kevin Macpherson I tend to use only a very limited palette: Cad yellow, Cad red, Alazarin, Ultramarine and Phthalo Green.  If I'm working on site with a pochade box I'll only use three colours - The primaries.  It simplifiys things and helps maintain colour harmony.  I find that if I add too many colours I can quickly turn my palette to 'mud'!


Another useful combination is black, red and yellow (no blue).  Is great for learning that everything in painting is relative and a black can be made to 'read' as blue depending on what colour you put it next to!


The children enjoying themselves!

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Trip to Exmoor and Dartmoor

Just back from a whistle stop tour of Exmoor and Dartmoor to visit my Mum and Dad.  Was lovely to be back in the countryside and the children had a great time out on the Moors.

Packhorse Bridge - Allerford


Porlock Weir


Porlock Bay


The view out over Porlock Bay is amazing and I have plans for a painting of it.


On Sunday I popped into the Churchgate Gallery Spring Exhibition PV and it was lovely to meet up with fellow artist Caroline McMillan Davey .  Painting can be really solitary and so it's always nice to meet like minded people to exchange ideas amd talk 'art'!


On Monday we drove on down to Tavistock and spent some time on Dartmoor.


Princetown Mast


The children had a great time flying a kite and playing in the Leet. Now just have a pile of washing to sort out!


Hannah x

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